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Hot Turkey Sandwich w/Gravy

Hand Cut French Fries

Fruit & Veggie Bar

Vegetable Soup


John Halligan Presentation for students in grades 6th-8th


As you know, SATEC has implemented a comprehensive bullying prevention program. We are

committed to taking serious, proactive steps to curb a problem that is found in schools everywhere.

Mr. John Halligan will be presenting the story surrounding his son’s suicide to our 6th-8th graders on Tuesday, March 21st at 1:30pm (This date has been changed from the original letter that stated he would be here on 3/22).


Mr. Halligan will tell the story of Ryan and the factors that led up to his son’s suicide. The students will gain a perspective from inside a family of a child who is a victim of bullying and cyber-bullying. They will also gain awareness about the signs and risk of teenage suicide and how to best to help a friend. As part of Mr. Halligan’s presentation, students will have the chance to ask him questions. We encourage you to visit a website named for his son: www.RyansStory.org for more information.


Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, we wanted to inform you about it in advance. We

encourage you to ask your child about the presentation and discuss it together. If for any reason, you

would prefer that your child not attend this presentation, please send a written note to your child’s homeroom teacher by 8:30am on Tuesday, March 21st.


Congratulations to our Odyssey of the Mind Teams!

Our teams did a great job at the Odyssey state tournament on Saturday, March 18th.  SATEC had 2 teams compete, a Div 1 who did the classics problem (coached by Jill Buckpitt and Sarah Hohmann) and a Div 2 team who did the theatrical problem (coached by Lynn Tetreault).   Both teams did an amazing job with their problems and we are proud of all of them for their dedication!  Our Division 2 team placed 2nd (out of 15 teams!).  


Division 1 Team: Sean and Aidan Hohmann, Lainey Buckpitt, Rebecca Tetreault, Ethan Laplume and Ella Hadd.  


Division 2 Team: Ben Tetreault, Evan Fisher, Chris Cotignola, Nolan Rocheleau, Colby Morin and Keagan Irish.



Jr. Iron Chef

SATEC had two teams compete this year and one of our teams (Will Dumont, Connor Powell, Isabelle Burleson, Maya Belanger) won the morning middle school Mise en Place (“everything in its place”-This award goes to the team that shows exemplary teamwork, order, and professionalism.). Congratulations!!


Will Dumont, Connor Powell, Isabelle Burleson, Maya Belanger


Mackenzie Casperson, Amanda Powers, Montana Bourbeau, Zachary Martell


After School Activities

3:30-4:45 Grades 3-5, Girls on the Run

Please meet in the cafeteria


There is no 7/8 Dance today



5:00-6:30 7/8 Softball in the gym

Players need to bring glove, sneakers, and hat.